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When you know where you are going, the map to get you there becomes much clearer. G Cubed Financial, LLC will help you identify your business goals and objectives, then work with you to create a plan to get you there.

General Accounting

General accounting is more than bookkeeping, it is the preparation of key financial management to assist in making sound business decisions. It is the review of existing financial reports and preparation of new financial reports, analysis of results and review of accounting policies and procedures.


Whether corporate or personal, your taxes need to be done on time and accurately. If your tax returns have become too complex for you to confidently complete them on your own, or you just don’t have the time, we will complete your tax returns. Additionally, we will provide suggestions on how to improve your tax situation.
Company Financial Report - Financial Planning in Phoenix, AZ

Accounting Controls Review

Controls help assure that a company’s resources are being properly protected and directed through timely monitoring and measuring. Poor controls can lead to unanticipated losses, both tangible (theft or improper upkeep) and intangible (reputation). We will evaluate your current controls and determine if they are in place and effective. We will then develop recommendations to improve your overall controls that are appropriate for the size and complexity of your business.